Hydroponics Equipement

Home Grown Aquaponics is a long established retailer of quality Hydroponics products.

We stock a full range of Hydroponics equipment.

Outdoor Hydroponics

NFT - Nutrient Film Technique.
Grow the same way as commercial farmers in your backyard.

Ventilation systems

Complete ventilation systems designed to suit your greenhouse or grow room.

Indoor Hydroponics

Complete indoor grow systems or individual components such as:

  • Grow tents
  • Light kits
  • watering systems

Hydroponic Media

The best quality Hydroponic grow media.

Buy by the bag or discounts for bulk purchases.

Nutrients and Additives

We only sell top quality Nutrients and Additives

Propagation Equipment

For everything required to take cuttings or raise seedlings.

  • Rockwool cubes
  • Cutting gel
  • Heat mats
  • HID & compact Fluorescent lights

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