Home Grown Aquaponics is an authorised distributor of Joel Malcom's high quality Backyard Aquaponics equipment.
We can show you how to design, Set-up, maintain and run an Aquaponics system from backyard to hobby farm sized systems.

Aquaponic kits

Courtyard System

The Courtyard System

1000ltr Fish tank and 1 growbed.
This system is ideal for the small courtyard or the budget minded. This system fits into a 2.5 x 2M area. Perfect for herb and salad production.

The Entertainer

The Entertainer System

1000ltr Fish Tank and 2 growbeds.
A talking point for the outdoor kitchen supplying fresh vegetables and fish. This system can be installed in a multitude of arrangements.

Backyard System

The Backyard System

2000ltr Fish Tank and 3 growbeds.
This is a highly productive system.
It will easily produce up to 70 plate sized fish annually and abundant fresh vegetables and salad.

Family System

The Family System

3000ltr Fish Tank and 4 growbeds.
A very popular system for the self sufficient. Can be set up with a sump/fingerling tank. Able a plentiful supply of fish and vegetables.

Delux System

The Deluxe System

3000ltr Fish Tank and 5-6 growbeds.
These systems are custom made and designed to suit your needs, and include a 1000ltr fingerling tank. Modular design allows further expansion for the integrated urban farmer

Individual components

All components available individually to build your own system

  • Growbeds and Fishtanks
  • Water and Air Pumps
  • Plumbing
  • Growbed Media
  • Water Test kits

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